Hmm… my life  seems to be without any meaning these days. I am an aspirant of knowledge.  .. I mean I m in the pursuit of getting a seat in masters. . Hmm.. as I sound, I am depressed. Or I feel  I am lost. Waterver it is, I am not like the normal. I am being governed by my heart. A heart with feelings. I dont think I am liking it this way. I want to start it all fresh, but I have an exam to give in the next 5days . I dont feel like getting into a revision plan. As I know I am already very late. And I dont want to leave things where they are. I have mixed feelings. That is why I think that I am governed by my heart.  I am missing the thing called self motivation.  I have many bad qualities.i am blank right now. So feel like doing something productive. What should I do? ?? My heart  and mind are not working in the same direction. I feel no one can help me. Except me. I have to come out of all this. I have to learn the things which I do not know. Okay. Its 4 days to my exam. So I m leaving the thought to revise. Because I was revising or rather thinking of revising the things past 2 weeks. It dint work out. My mind is still the same. As it was on the first day. So it is on the last day also. I called for help from the universe.  At the same time I got  a proverb into my mind, which says, ” one who cant help oneself cant receive help from others”  so here I am, that person who dint help myself , and begging for others help . Okay today whatever it is I want to make up my mind. I will surely start with a new study . A new topic. I will leave that exam for its fate. You know these exams are so disastrous . Hmm. I l have to b normal. Not get tensed. Whatever happens I am going to workout and crack into the toughest course on this earth. Wish me luck… bye for now