happy day

today i have done a good work.. i have deleted my face book account permanently.. i have mixed feelings right now.. but i think it is a very good decision in my life time… it is after getting an account in face book that my life changed for worse… today i have deleted it forever. i had my account for the first time in 2009. i felt happy that i got into contact with my school buddies. but my network did not stop there. my college mates have come into my network. here started all the problem. people started to like my photographs, my posts.. i felt it different. i felt that i was growing friends. but i was wrong. i have grown people who were jealous of me. they were jealous of my mere photographs. i was blind all that while. i have realized all this when my life got shattered by the jealous critics and evil minds. i felt things will set alright. but nothing was right after all that. i felt depressed for every act of mine . i felt that i was being haunted by ill hearts. i could not bear it.  i broke up with my best buddy. i kept stalking her account for a while, ant then realized that she was not fit in my life. even she was among those jealous hearts. things did not seem to change. my depression seemed to be never ending. a day had come when i decided to give up my life. but i did not water that idea as i knew that i am far better that the stupid stuff of this world. so i gave up stupid thoughts and started to make my life better.. i started to think of every mistake i have committed till date and i have realized that i should not have opened an account in face book. it took me some days to decide whether or not to delete it, cos i was a face book addict. and after much turmoil, i made up mu mind . and finally deleted that permanently. i want to make out some time for myself. i love nature and i want to spend sufficient time admiring its beauty. i guess today on i l live my life with zeal.. hope so… 🙂