my life as it is..

as i have already said.. i am an adult with a childish attitude.. in a way reserved person . . with simple attitude that i am living, just b’cos i have to..  not many wishes .. nothing much to do, other than studying.. not many friends, not interested in anything in particular… i am spiritual to some extent and that takes people away from me. . life for me is meant to help the world.. n i believe that ”  Helping Hands are Better Than Praying Lips ”

i am a God loving person, with a lot of respect to my elders. family is always my prime importance. . . and coming to my family, its a sweet one .. parents n n one sibling.. coming from an Indian background, i m very much attached to my parents n sibling. though my family doesn’t have any orthodox rules , i being spiritual appear to regulate myself with many rules..

i donno what to call myself, bt people around me give me many titles.. many call me tough, some say i appear childish, n some other cal me headstrong and aggressive.. whatever it may be, i am the one bearing all the qualities which a common human being must posses … n this part of my nature fetches me all he problems which i never dream of..

graduation is what i have done to live n save ….  imagination is something that which i hv made as  my best hobby , n day dreaming as my best time pass..

as this is the first time i am writing some blog, don mind if it appears wierd..

will be back very soon with my journey in 2013…


my first post

hie.. this is my first post..  n this is the first time i am trying to write something. i don’t bet that my writings would be interesting, and i don’t promise that they would be boring. . .   though i am an adult by age, i still call myself a grown up kid.. trying to act like an adult .                      I still don’t understand why i have decided to express myself to this world.. n i wish this will not be one in the blunders list of my life.. .                                                     this blog is mostly about my journey through this year 2013.. a  year which has changed everything… depressed writings, but mean a lot to me..